*Happy Belated Birthday*

Graphs - g - 3Graphs - g - 2Graphs - g - 1Graphs - g - 4Happy Birthday -(2014)  – (Happy Belated Birthday) – we have all kinds of celebrating going on today. – October 19, 2012,was the date that (Wkms-2), hit the air. It was not forgotten about, but we decided to have (One Big Celebration).  – Unlimted Touch –  Search To Find The One. – Happy Birthday (Wkms-2), you are only 2 yrs. old, but you seem much older. Your ratings are superb, and you have more listeners than you think. Stay on your flow, and everything will be just fine.

#400 – “Big Birthday Blog” – *Happy Birthday KMS sr.* – (51 – 15)! – #400

146TP - tp - 3Happy Birthday -(2014)   “Happy Birthday” – (Kevin Michael Saunders Sr.) – you have been there, and done that. Many others have walked in your shoes, and rode the rollercoaster that you have ridden. (But)…they were not chosen as you were. Only by the (Grace of God), were you given another chance…(which you did NOT deserve)…but only GOD can make that decision. Trials and Tribulations will be apparent to you every single day. But they are nothing but stepping stones; on your way to PROSPEIRITY! – Just  look at them as (Lesson Learned), and do not make that mistake again. – I know that you want to quit all that you have accomplished, but your “Family & Friends” would not appreciate that. – It is Not that their opinions matter, but think of those who have reached back; and pulled you up on the ladder, as they were climbing. And last but not least, good things are in the near future for you; so Please, Please do not forget where you came from, and who helped you get there. – (Because Without Them, It Would Not Be Possible) – BTW, Get Rid Of The Dead Weight In Your Friend List! (Happy Birthday, May God Continue, To Give You KNOWLEDGE Towards Your Goals) -“Happy Birthday” – (Laura Evans, it is your day too) – (BTW) – This is a special moment for me. You have just read my 400th Blog. To some I know that means nothing, but to my “Teachers and I”; it means everything. “Mrs. Barbara C. Charles” – I must commend you once again; for having so much patience and understanding with the lessons that you taught. I promise to capitalize on this experience; and keep a smile on your face. Do me a favor…As you are reading this tell yourself “That Is (MY) Work” – after all; if it were not for you, this event would not be taking place. – (Also) – Last but not least is “Mrs. Adrienne Smith” – who has also made (Major) contributions, to my effort of becoming a “Professional Blogger”! – (Thank You Both So Much)! – – “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder {w/graphics}

*Your Laugh For Today*

Graphs - g - 4Graphs - g - 3Graphs - g - 2Graphs - g - 1Since there is a game at the stadium tomorrow, we went to Church today. I came in from Church, took my nap, woke up went and ate dinner. At 7:10, I turn on my radio thinking that I am about to hear “Lo Lo’s” quiet fire on 95.9; but guess what I get. “Saturday Night Flashbacks”! – (smh) – Here I am thinking that it is Sunday, being as thou I went to Church!

*To Whom It May Concern (Wkms-2) Employees*

(Cool - Kool) - Hit Man Kev! 001(World – Wide Message) – (6) – days & counting. We are now in the home stretch. Our agenda has been made, for a 24 hour show. October 24th, I need all hands on deck; because it is (Double Birthday Celebration Time). The Queen and King of October 24th will be “Mrs. Laura Evans & Mr. Kevin Saunders”, so if you are not busy please pic a shift; and come and celebrate with us. -(Please and Thank You)!

Goodnight Blog

Official Bishop Induction! 003(Fantastic Day) – [it could not have been better] – Wkms-2’s employees has a whole week off. My team deserves this break…and besides…our tool (computers, tablets, and other internet access) is tired. But we “Promise”, next Saturday we will flow (All Day), because we will be in celebration mode. – (Worldwide  Blessings To All)!