*Your Laugh For Today*

Graphs - g - 4Graphs - g - 3Graphs - g - 2Graphs - g - 1Since there is a game at the stadium tomorrow, we went to Church today. I came in from Church, took my nap, woke up went and ate dinner. At 7:10, I turn on my radio thinking that I am about to hear “Lo Lo’s” quiet fire on 95.9; but guess what I get. “Saturday Night Flashbacks”! – (smh) – Here I am thinking that it is Sunday, being as thou I went to Church!

*To Whom It May Concern (Wkms-2) Employees*

(Cool - Kool) - Hit Man Kev! 001(World – Wide Message) – (6) – days & counting. We are now in the home stretch. Our agenda has been made, for a 24 hour show. October 24th, I need all hands on deck; because it is (Double Birthday Celebration Time). The Queen and King of October 24th will be “Mrs. Laura Evans & Mr. Kevin Saunders”, so if you are not busy please pic a shift; and come and celebrate with us. -(Please and Thank You)!

Goodnight Blog

Official Bishop Induction! 003(Fantastic Day) – [it could not have been better] – Wkms-2’s employees has a whole week off. My team deserves this break…and besides…our tool (computers, tablets, and other internet access) is tired. But we “Promise”, next Saturday we will flow (All Day), because we will be in celebration mode. – (Worldwide¬† Blessings To All)!

Lesson Learned Today

MS - ms - 0Today, was a good day. It is always said, that you are supposed to learn at least; one new thing a day. Well today, I taught myself how to “Skype”. I do not have “Skype Contacts” yet…(in due time). Everything works in it’s own time. And time may be zooming by, but I will not get left behind; a second time. (kevin.saunders722) – is where I can be found, there is a “Scorpio” symbol [blue and white], on my profile page. – Goodnight!