Today’s Church Service

(Today’s Service) – was delivered by Pastor “Felicia Wallace”. – This Lady BRINGS It. The way that The Lord gives it to her, at any given time, that is exactly how it is delivered. Sometimes the Lord may throw her a curve ball, to see if her head is in the game; and she scores every time. – (GSP) – Greater Saint Peter, is where we dined at the “Master’s Table”! – Her theme was (The Gift for the Gift) or (The Present For His Presence). – Delightful and Satisfying, as usual!

“I’m Just Saying”

(About That Movie The Interview) – “Sony” cannot win for losing, and vice – versa. All of these people are complaining, because they pulled the film. But, had they NOT pulled it, and something happened at the premiere, the very same people would be trying to sue. Saying – “Sony should not have released that movie, they knew it was going to cause conflict” – ijs!

(2) – Days Of Turmoil!

(Tuesday) – Bro-tivator and I had a plan hatched out. We would go get a battery for the truck, and pick up some cereal on the way home. While we are waiting for the battery to be installed, we take a walk around in the store (Big Mistake). We were about to go get lunch, but the food was on the opposite side of the mall; so we scratched those plans. Now we have gathered up quite a few things, before we go pick up the truck. We go to get our lunch, and head home. We are almost home, and realize we did not get the cereal. – (That’s Okay, it is still enough to last about 2 days. – (Today Wednesday) – We go to get the cereal. We go in the store, pick up some more necessities, see the cereal, but the boxes are too small (we will get it in the cereal isle). After shopping we ring up about $65-70 dollars worth of merchandise, get halfway home and Bro-tivator starts to laugh. I turn to him and asks what he’s laughing at? – He ask me – “What did we go in the store for”? – Cereal, I reply, he asks “Well where is it”? – SMH – We have forgotten the cereal again. – We were so tickled he tells me – You are no help at all [while laughing]! Me Laughing – Now you know half of the time, I don’t know whether I am coming or going!

Lost In Limbo (Again)

(SMH) – Kevin wakes up at 5:15. Since it is so early, he gets his Church Clothes out. About 25 minutes to six, he goes in to take a shower. – (Feeling Fancy Free) – he completes his shower, comes back to his room and begins putting on his clothes. In the process, he is planning his breakfast. It is now 6:00 am., and he is wondering why there is no “Sunday Morning Joy” on the radio. So it dawns on him, to look at his phone to see time & date. To my surprise, it is only Saturday! – (IDEA) – I need to be hospitalized, and have the doctors implant a calendar in my brain. (Time, Date, Month, Year, Day) etc.! – (Going to get me some breakfast)!

“Laugh For The Day/Night” – [comes straight from bro – tivator]!

Had a great day. Bro-tivator and I, had a major errand to run; and then we had “Lunch” at (The Habachi Grill). – I even ran into this fellow that I grew up with. Came back home, and took a nap. When I woke up from the nap, I was not real hungry; so I ate a little snack. In the process of eating my snack, bro-tivator gives me the “Laugh For The Day”. He was at his desk and says – “Where are my glasses”?, I have (2) pair, and cannot keep up with either one. – [here is the laugh] – He says “Maybe I need to put a clapper on each pair, that way I am bound to find one of the pair”! – Ha, ha, ha, ha………..! – (Good Night World)***