*Good Thought*

Brain Power-bp-1I went downstairs to get some lunch. I was on my way to the fridge, and on the counter are some coupons; with one missing. I thought to myself, maybe Gregory is out using  one. Not 4 seconds later my phone rings. It’s Gregory, telling me not to fix any lunch, because he is on the way with food. – (Yum, Yum)! – My Mind Fails Me, But It Comes Back When Necessary!!!

*Laugh For Tonight*

Frog Friend!     (Funny Thought) – I just finished dinner, and had a funny thought. Can you imagine me not being careful, and opening the front door; and the frog hopped in here. lol – Can you see me chasing him/her all over the house, trying to catch it. And my brother already told me, if he/she gets in, don’t ask for his help to catch him/her. (Ha, ha, ha, ha……). 

* Blessing Activities*

Official Bishop Induction! 003We worshipped with (Macedonia Christian Center) today. They were celebrating their Pastor [Pastor Williams ] Birthday, and we were also served a delicious lunch. The Word was delivered by our very own (Bishop George Tate), and his theme was “Never Give Up”.  (Text Keyword) – nevertheless!………..<Notes>……….You cannot claim victory, if you are still living in bondage. – The devil had a plan to kill me, But God intercepted that plan. *He/She who wants friends must show friendliness.