FSCN4158     *Funny Story* – earlier, I was bragging about how good I felt. __________ Well, I think that I bragged; a little bit too soon. __________ I have no “Old Man Symptoms”, but let me explain. __________ I took my nap at noon, upon waking up; this is how I felt. —– “Do you know, how you place a piece of paper in a shredder”? —– (but) —– You pull it out, and the paper is “Shingly”? —– Well THAT, is exactly how I felt; before lunch. – Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ……………….

Picture by ddpavumbahttp://www.freedigitalphotos.et*Not So Funny Day* – I almost lost the info., on my computer today. ———- Also, had an extra clumsy day. ———- Stayed in bed today, hoping not to destroy anything. (smh)!

MPB*Real Angel Promotion Status Date* – (Everyone)This is the actual time, give or take a few hours; that our Mom’s promotion went into effect. __________ She gets this “Honor” again, because she was/is my best friend. __________  Somewhere in the mid-morning, this Lady (Our Mom) was winged, and promoted to the “Heavenly Hall of Fame”. __________ If you listen very closely, you can hear the chimes. [Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding…….] etc. – One time, for every year; that she walked this earth. __________ ———- Hugs & Kisses AaaLllLll TttHhhEee WwwAaaYyy TttOoo HhhEeeAaaVvvEeeNnn! <3

A Man Of All Men

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Brothers!Image by savttva at http://www.freedigitalphotos.net Brothers!
Image by savttva at http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

( My Brother) – “Lord” – I am standing here in need of (Favor).  I need the wisdom and intelligence which you bestowed upon me to write a story that should have been written years ago.  You understand the reason for my procrastination with writing this letter,  now I think that I have enough of the tools necessary to get this letter done.

For the 13 years, (that you have [Graciously] extended upon my life) I have been silenced for my own reasons,  I must tell the “World” about my Brother.  For those that do not know him, (He) is the reason that I am able to type this letter.  Everything that is with-in me (Except The Negativity) was put there by this man.  He always wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but make my own path along the way.  And this has been since I…

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{MotM}-“Mysteries of the Mind”-(pt.2)!

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Image by Teerapunhtttp://freedigitalphotos.net Image by Teerapun

So here my story continues.  If you haven’t read Part 1, please go here.

Now after being released from Hospital #1, still in a wheelchair, but a whole lot more aware of things around me; it was time for my real work to begin. Do you know what just hit me, I think this was my (2nd) time at this second hospital, because I was a “John Doe” for so long, and the woman who I consider as my “Guardian Angel”, worked at this hospital, and she is the one who identified mutual friends, who knew my family. – Her name is “Keisha Lewis”, Thank You!

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{MotM}-“Mysteries of the Mind”-[true story]!-(pt.1)!

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Picture by ddpavumbahttp://www.freedigitalphotos.et Picture by ddpavumba

My name is Kevin Saunders and I have a story to tell.  This is a story about me and my recovery from a traumatic incident.  So bear with me while I share my story and my recovery with you.  I’m hoping this will help others as well.

A brain cannot be fixed, like a broken bone. It consists of too many compartments; and each compartment consists of too many cells, which are responsible for too many functions of the human body. I cannot get into the medical logistics or understanding of a “Brain Damaged” person; because it is way more complicated; than I can explain. Sometimes a person can regain full control of their body and life, as if nothing ever happened. But you have to think, depending on what happened to that particular person, they could suffer a lifetime of injuries.

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“Success Letter”-Dedicated to (Mrs.Barbara C. Charles)!

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Success! Success!

Hello my name is “Kevin Saunders”, and I am dedicating my very first blog to “Mrs.Barbara Charles”, to “Thank” her and to see if I am successful at getting this letter to her. I owe this whole experience to her.  I asked her about a “Blog Page” and she actually made one for me in no time because she says that she has so much faith in me that she felt like she would not be wasting her time. Well “Mrs.Charles” (Thank You) very much, and I will see to it that your time was not wasted!

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