Image by Teerapunhtttp://*Good Morning World* ____________________ Internet Break, in effect again. ____________________ I am going off the radar for a week. ____________________ Therapy is where I can be found. ____________________ Playing these games over and over, until my mind feels like it is “Synced Up”. ____________________ [3D Magic Words, Angry Birds, Angry Birds (Space) – Angry Birds (Star Wars) – Bingo, Checkers, Fruit Ninja, Hangman Free, Minesweeper, Solitaire, Tic Tac Toe Free, Uno Free, Words Free. [and all of that, and more including music; is just on Cruz Control 2]! ____________________ On Cruz Control 1, I still have Angry Birds. ____________________ Cruz Control 1 has other games too, but they don’t connect as easy as Cruz Control 2. So I will miss you all, I’m out ———- “PppOooOooFff”!

Success!          *LAUGH OF THE DAY* – Earlier, my brother and I made a run. __________ When we got back, I took off the shirt that I had on; and laid it down. __________ Helped put away our groceries, at lunch and came up for my nap. —– NOTICE, I NEVER PICKED UP THE SHIRT —–. After awakening from my nap, I went downstairs to get a snack —– [walked right past the shirt, going down, and coming back up] —– poor me. __________ While sitting here eating my snack, the shirt crosses my mind. — Lol — (THOUGHT TO MYSELF) —– *Michael* —– When you take the cup back down, pick up the shirt on your way to the refrigerator. —– {Good Idea, It Worked}!