All – afternoon lunch laugh – All

E-Mails-em-7070Bro – tivator and I, made a run to pick up some mulch. On the way home, we picked up lunch. While waiting for lunch, I suggested picking up some orange juice while we were out. We get back to the house, settles down to eat lunch. I go to the cabinet, get a paper plate to put my lunch on. After I made my plate, I go to the refrigerator to mix some orange juice and tea. I made the mix, sat it next to my plate – (ready to eat). – I go back in the cabinet, put another paper plate on the counter to make me a plate, goes to get me some bread, on the way back with the bread; is when I realize that I have 2 plates. – lol, I cracks myself up sometimes. I may do some funny things sometimes, but I have yet to find myself doing something “Totally Stupid”!

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